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Did you know that some women over 40 may experience hair loss*?

Hair loss* is not exclusively a male problem. From the age of forty the female bodily constitution changes – which also may affect hair. Possible consequences: Hair grows thinner, the scalp becomes more visible and the hairline recedes.

Nature’s phyto-active ingredients help the scalp protect from the consequences of female aging.

In collaboration with the dermatological institute of the University Clinic Jena, Dr. Wolff R&D has discovered properties of caffeine, which could support to prevent this type of hair loss*.

The Dr. Wolff laboratories developed a phyto-caffeine complex especially against hair loss* in women after the age of forty, which contains caffeine, zinc and niacin as well as an active ingredient combination from phytoflavonoids of the soy plant and black cohosh (Cimicifuga).

*without a result of a medical condition

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