Hair loss*
Why exactly after the age of 40?

From the age of 40 the female bodily constitution changes – which also may affect the hair.

The background: Just as during puberty, after the age of 40, considerable changes take place in the body. This also manifests on the head: Hair grows thinner and falls out prematurely.

The consequence: For the first time, the scalp becomes visible and the hairline recedes. These changes are very typical in women over the age of 40 and are truly worrisome in many cases.

What can Plantur 39 do against this?

In collaboration with the Dermatology Department of the Jena University Hospital in Germany, Dr. Wolff-Research developed a phyto-caffeine complex that protects the hair from premature exhaustion.
It provides the hair with sufficient energy to grow.

Scientific Proof of the effectiveness

Research and striving for innovations has always been a priority at Dr. Wolff-Research. As a result, Dr. Wolff has been evolving as a specialist for particularly effective dosage forms for decades.

The so-called galenics, i.e. the preparation and production of substances, are key when it comes to product efficacy. The active ingredient must be brought into a suitable format, and it is the task of galenics to generate this format.

Special galenic know-how is also used in the Plantur 39 products. Dr. Wolff-Research succeeded in developing a base that transports caffeine all the way into the hair.

The effectiveness of caffeine was confirmed in a study by the Jena University Clinic. From the dermatologists' standpoint, it can be recommended as a cosmetic treatment  to help against premature hair loss* due to its good tolerability and proven efficacy. As a result, it also has special advantages in the preventative treatment of individuals with increased risk potential.

In the future, Dr. Wolff-Research will continue to collaborate with renowned scientists and use cutting-edge technologies to optimise the product range and the formulas. The company will also painstakingly continue its scientific research with the objective of creating innovative products based on the company's long-standing tradition. Processes are investigated in minute detail and converted into product knowledge. The results are high-quality brands such as Plantur 39 with exemplary efficacy and tolerability.

*without a result of a medical condition

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